Tuesday, 12 February 2013

I Heart Bags

I am a sucker for bags  (hats, gloves, scarves, sun glasses, belts, collars, brooches, pin badges, polyester frocks, Miss Marple suits, high waisted troos, fairlisle - I am tired now!)and I have had to be really good since having children!  I absolutely could n't resist this one though, and a bargain £10 at my local Tuesday market.  Ohh look at that inside too!  Very pleased I was...


  1. Love this bag too Sam! What a great find; just as well I didn't make it there today or we'd have been fighting over this one! Handbags at dawn? :)

  2. I spied in the corner of your bedroom? in the photo of the bag, a fringed bedspread/ table cloth in 1970s pink floral; I have matching pillowcases you may like for the fabric?

  3. beautiful bag indeed!!!!
    xxxx Ale