Saturday, 6 April 2013

Short & Curly!

I have had a manic week; in a good way (apart from being ill - AGAIN!)  Have got confirmation that my Fox Collars will be appearing in a book in connection with Mollie Makes mag.  Due out February 2014.  Also, we are having the house photographed for a magazine, which will be great, free publicity for me!  On top of general worky stuff I am desparately trying to get some stock ready for the Brighton Festival Open house I am in, in May. ( I generally like to leave it until the last moment they go crazy and work all hours!! )  Thought I could capture the frantic-ness (is that a word??) of my work room along with my new (again), darker, curly hair!!  Very surprised at how calm I look, and have not caught much of the work room chaos either!!  Not a frantic looking picture at all in the end...

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